Delena Soundtrack

1. séria

1×03 Moby-Temptation (Night visit in Elena´s bedroom)
1×11 Florence & The Machine-Cosmic Love (Last ca scene-„You are not the worst company in the world, Elena.“)
1×19 Within temptation-All I need (Dance on MMF)
1×22 Stateless-Bloodstream (Kiss with Katherine on the porch)



2. séria

2×01 One Republic featuring Sara Bareilles-Come Home (Damone try to kiss Elena-„It´s always gona be Stefan!“)
2×03 Fine Frenzy-Ashes and wine (Damone escorts Elena home„You lost me forever!“)
2×06 Athlete-Wires (Elena breaks up with Stefan becauce of Katherine-„I didn´t thing!“)
2×08 Sleeperstar-I Was Wrong (Damon´s declaration of love„I don´t deserve you, but my brother does.“)
2×10 Rie Sinclair & Mike Suby-Now Way Out (Tomb scene-„Let go of me!“)
2×13 Ryan Star-Losing your memory (Damon speaks about love to Elena with Andy in the bath)
2×18 Trent Dabbs-Last Kiss (Damone and Elena dancing-„I’ve got moves you’ve never seen.“)
2×22 Ingrid Michaelson-Turn to Stone (Damon´s suicide attempt)
2×22 Levi Kreis-I Should Go (Death bed-„I like you now…“)

3. séria

3×01 Andrew Belle-Make It Without You (Birthday gift)
3×01 Martin Solveig Feat. Dragonette-Hello (Damon escorts Elena on her birthday party)
3×02 Jason Walker-Echo (Damon and Elena in her bedroom-„I worried about you…“)
3×03 Christina Perri-Distance (Elena wakes up next to Damon-„Rise and shine, sleepy head.“)
3×05 Shady Bard-Torch Song (Damon comes for Elena to the hospital)
3×06 Cary Brothers-Take Your Time (Damon gives Elena first aid after Vickys attack)
3×08 Foster the People-Don’t Stop (Damon trains Elena in Ricks flat)
3×08 James Vincent-We don’t eat (Damone speak with Elena in her bed about Stefan)
3×10 Apex Manor-Teenage Blood (Damon and Elena in Mystic Grill-“What is my most attracted look?”)
3×10 Ross Copperman-Holding On And Letting Go (Dirst real delena kiss on the porch)
3×11 The Naked And Famous-Punching In A Dream (Damon takes a shower and Elena boxes)
3×14 Hurts-Devotion (Damon sees Elena walk in ballroom)
3×14 Ed Sheeran-Give Me Love (Damon dances with Elena on the ball)
3×15 The Civil Wars-Poison & Wine (Elena calls Damon morning after the ball)
3×16 Aidan Hawken-The Argument (Elena speaks about Damon with Matt „Damon sort of sneaks up on me..“)
3×19 The Machine-Never Let Me Go (Damone and Elena in motel bed and their kiss on the gallery)
3×19 Christel Alsos-When The Light Dies Out (Car scene with Rose-„Damon is the best thing for her, or worst.“)
3×21 Analogue Revolution-Light (Damon and Stefan at Elena´s house)
3×22 Sigur Rós-Dauðalogn (Elena is dying)

4. séria

4×01 Little Dragon-Twice sang (Elena remembers Damon´s declaration of love)
4×02 Marina & The Diamonds-Fear And Loathing (Elena Feeds on Damon in Grill)
4×04 Anders Manga-Glamour (Elena finds victim, drink from him and hugs Damon- „I want more!“)
4×04 Olivia Broadfield-Happening (Return home from campus-„You Don’t Want To Be Like Me…“)
4×06 Fay Wolf-The Thread Of The Thing (Bedroom scene with holding hands-„You saved me.“)
4×07 Ed Sheeran-Kiss me (Dance, kissing and „Dex“ Scene)
4×08 Blue Foundation-Eyes On Fire (Morning after Dex-„I´m Happy.“)
4×08 Morning Parade-Speechless (Damon tries to do the “right” thing and give Elena freedom-„Does this feel wrong?”)
4×09 Amy Stroup-Covering Your Tracks (Damon and Elena wake up together and almost kiss-„Save by the cell phone.“)
4×09 Bastille-Oblivion (Goodbye Scene by the lake)
4×10 The Hives-Go Right Ahead (Damon listens to Elena’s message)
4×10 Snow Patrol-New York (Elena calls Damon-„I love you, Damon!“)

Všetky piesne si môžete stiahnuť v jednom balíku na Za tento článok ďakujeme Abs.

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